World’s Biggest Economic Recession

Economic recession is surpassing day by day all around the world as it was seen two weeks before, the oil prices reached at $134.59 led towards a mammoth amount of inflationary cycle and ruined the behavior of the people of the United States, hence they agitated against the Bush regime.

The biggest impact of high oil prices and prevailing inflation is the declining economic market where both the supply and demands have been badly shattered and led the industrialists and employers especially of the U.S into absolute demoralization.

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Meanwhile, the stock market rates in the United States of America are getting declined with the passage of inflationary times, such as Wall Street decline in shares, American International Group Inc, American express Co, Bank of America Corp, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, etc.  The analysts are saying that those companies have been facing a mammoth amount of decline in their shares and profit.

There are some other overseas companies that are coping with economic recession and inflationary cycle. These companies are getting declined in their stock rates, such as Japan’s Nikkei stock average declined up to 0.04 percent, while Britain’s FTSE 100 went down up to 1.16 percent, Germanys’ DAX index peaked at 0.98 percent, and France’s CAC-40 increased up to 0.61 percent.

As far as the U.S job market is concerned, it is said merely declining, because the oil and gasoline prices, inflation, depression, recession led the job holders into cutting-off trend.

Every day, many of the jobs are being cut-off from the big employers of the United States and moreover the job holders are not being given their desirable amount of salaries. In response, they just depressed and doing nothing.

The Asian countries are under the extreme pressure of economic recession, inflation, stagflation, deflation, and depression these days. In this process, economists said it is merely happening due to high oil prices which caused to Asian under the recessionary cycle.

What should we do? Of course is the time of emergency and doing something better in saving the world’s biggest and threatening economic recession and depression.

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