How to write a great press release without any communication gap

Why press releases are important?

The importance of press release in the world of news is very similar to the importance of fresh air for the breathing.Launching of a new product, some new development in business, announcement of important events, announcements and declaration of important personalities from different walk of life, important events in the world of sport and in short almost all sort of important announcements by different institutes of some society are usually released through press and this release or announcement is called press release.

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Writing press release is a matter of utmost attention and care as almost all related news and articles from that particular announcement or release are based on that issued press release.

So, it is an issue of considerable importance to know how to write a good, impressive and precise press release that gives right information and create no ambiguity among the readers.Most of the time it happens so that our words or message when reach to receiver’s end, receiver interprets these words or message according to its own sense and understanding and draws the meaning of our statement just judging these written words or uttered words and at many times it happens so that issued message changes completely in meaning when comes to the receiver end.This affair is also named as communication gap.The first and foremost element of a good press release is clarity and absence of that communication gap.Often these communication gaps and ambiguities beget rumors and speculations about the related issue.


How to write a precise press release

So, we need a precise and strict guide line to mitigate these ambiguities and communication gaps from press release and make it clear and precise.

Here are the elements of an effective press release:

These are some important elements or to be more exact right ingredients to make a tasty, spicy and crispy press release, however one must remember that all these ingredients should be in balance quantity.If balance is out in these ingredients, you must even imagine preparing an informative and succinct press release.

  • Opening phrase—“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” are the words that must appear at the upper left-hand margin just beneath company’s trade mark or letter head. Every word of that phrase must be capitalized.
  • About Company’s contacts—After that must phrase one or two lines must be skipped and then put the name, office, faxes and phone Nos. of contact person and this contact person must have the maximum information.Usually, reporters are busy persons and more often they work on deadlines and that’s why their availability sometimes create problems so it is important to mention Cell phone Nos. and other home numbers of the given contact person.
  • Banner/Heading: After contact information a headline is given and this head line must be boldface type.One must remember usually readers just read the headline and skip. So, there must be maximum information and maximum clarity in this head line.
  • Date and location: Mention about the city and time when you issue that press release and also whereabouts of that press release.
  • Beginning Paragraph: The beginning lines of press release must be written so well as catch the attention of the readers and it must also answer five W’s and 1H(who, what, when, where, Why and how)
  • Script: Clarity, lucidity and preciseness are basic elements of a good script. Be simple and tell straight not in hints to make script good and without communication gap.
  • Company in a nutshell: Last but not least is to include a multum in parov kind of paragraph that gives maximum information about your company in few lines.

Many news and articles are based on issued Press release and if this press release doesn’t succeed to fill the communication gap and has ambiguities, there are rumors and speculations all around and sometimes it becomes difficult to handle these harmful rumors.
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How to write a great press release without any communication gap
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