Temp agencies and temporary staffing

In the past, temp agencies where used for hiring people to fill in vacancies for workers who were on holidays. But with the passage of time a lot changes have occurred and now the temporary employment industry has evolved into an industry which tries to utilize highly skilled workers for temporary staffing. This industry employs workers for a short period of time and that’s why it is still considered to be a fringe market. Temp agencies hired nearly 4 million people to work during the fall of last year.

Though a lot of people lose their jobs when the economy begins to slow down, it is expected that these temp agencies would thrive in the US and the other countries of the world in future. A large number of advantages and disadvantages are associated with this industry. For some people, temporary jobs are quite irritating while for others, they are enjoyable enough. Temp agencies often provide such benefits as are good not only for employers but also for employees and there are a number of good reasons that make working with a temp agency a good experience.

Strategic Business

It was in 1946, when the very first temp agency was created by a businessman named William Russell Kelly. He developed a model that allowed him to quickly hire clerks to offer tasks for a short period of time. Soon, the agency began to swell in size and other companies also started using this business model.

Now according to some statistics, almost 5% of the workforce in the US is provided by the temp agencies. The biggest advantage of working with temp agencies is that they are quite flexible, as instead of working 50 weeks a year for a usual company, you can work at a large number of temp agencies at the beginning of the year and can go for vacation or attend a college in the rest of the year.

There are number of disadvantages to work with temp agencies as they provides short term jobs without health insurance or retirement benefits. Job security is a term that temp agencies know nothing about. You can be hired for one season without knowing how long it would take to find the next job.

Temp agencies and temporary staffing
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