Sub-prime Decrease behind Shattering Stock Market Fall since 2001-2002

PARIS (AFP): The fall down of the sub-prime mortgage market place in the United States and the following international economic recession has forced the sharpest decline in the world stock markets since the end of the Internet fizz in 2001-2002.

During the last year, forthcoming indices have lost by 12 to 25 % of their value.

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The prevailing drop has been in Tokyo, 23.6 %, subsequent to Paris, 20.7 %, the Dow Jones Industrial Average in New York, 14.8 %, the US Standard and Poor’s 500 index, 13.6 %, Frankfurt, 12.2 %, and London, 12.1 %.

Shattering Stock Market

The shareholder jitters regarding the health of securities supported by the risky US home mortgages have weighed a lot on the monetary sector. All the major Banks have declared the big losses and asset jot down while others have had to be protected along with pricey bailouts.

A credit constricts, which introduced as conscious and worried banks became hesitant to lend to one another and to trade transactions, has dragged down the mainly heavily indebted sectors and trimmed down the pace of mergers and gainers.

The earlier indications showed hat the commotion was stretching from the monetary markets towards the widen economy enhanced the pressures on equity markets early on this year.

On January 21, for instance, there were declines of 7.16 % in Frankfurt, 6.83 % in Paris, 5.48 % in London and 3.86 % in Tokyo.

A later rise in commodities prices wrinkled the corporate operating margins and household buying power, acutely debilitating the consumer goods and automobile sectors.

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