One Laptop per Child towards the Revolution

Launch of impressing technology

After a chaotic collapse with the technology monster Intel (INTC), the One Laptop per Child Organization on May 15 pronounced a coalition with the Microsoft (MSFT). It has been decided that both the companies would launch a Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system which would be accessible on OLPC’s Xo laptop.

Strategic Business

Access of technology towards the poor children

The tech experts are saying that OLPC would emerge as a revolution among the poor children of world who don’t have access to the education. This technology would be sufficient to build a sound future and enhancing the education of the poor children.

Laptop technology

Psychological advancement

Meanwhile, the organizer and chairman of OLPC, Nicholas Negroponte said that Microsoft’s windows XP operating system created a mammoth impact on the developments of OLPC. It brought us into new mainstream of people’s brainpower.

Worldwide plan

The officials of Microsoft are saying that the Microsoft’s Windows XP would bring partial projects of One Laptop per Child for promoting the education of poor children in several countries.

Culture of self-determination

Many technologists are saying that OLPC has been emerged as a symbol of self-sufficiency. No doubt, the version of OLPC has emerged as an essential part of liberated foundation system which is called as synergistic.

Achievement of OPLC’s objective

The basic objective of OLPC was to make available a laptop. So that the number of poor children could use the maximum benefit of the machine and it is being happened nowadays. Millions of poor children are learning the laptop’s education at homes and schools and they are getting a huge amount of experience.

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