Oil price fluctuations becomes the major concern of US

It is just a few times published in the associated press that the oil prices are in the absolute fluctuations in the United States market system.Every day the rates of the oil and gas prices are climbing up the sky.At Tuesday the oil rate was the $ 120 per barrel.It was counted as the slow price variation.This was the lowest price value in last weekend in United States of America.

The demand as well as the supply factor of oil preferences’ has been constantly unstable in the United States.The economic analysts are saying that this fluctuating trend is the danger sign for the United States, because, it would lead the US economy in the phase of recession.It could be the recession of the likely historic period of 1929, when the United States faced the cycle of recession due to heavy increase in the gasoline and oil prices.

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Moreover the economic interpreters are constantly saying that the Asian countries are under the phase of business recession.Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Maldeep etc are facing the inflation in all over the public and business markets.The inflation rate is going absolutely high because of poor economic policies.

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Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2007

Furthermore the inflation is prevailing in the Asian countries because of the catastrophic events.Every day the Asian countries are facing various kinds of disasters in the form of flood, earthquake, hurricanes, storms, bomb blasting etc.That led them in the verge of recession.The prices are talking to the skies, led the people into economic depression and hopelessness.

These circumstances prevailing in the zones of Asia have become a big threat to United States.Majority of the people has been embarrassed due to sudden rise in the general oil price, affected the all consumer market of US.

Meanwhile the economic analysts are making their policies and reviews for the betterment of United States.They are trying to shape an emphatic economic model to lead the better US situation.That is the motive of controlling the oil prices.

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Oil price fluctuations becomes the major concern of US
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