Dominant Economic Recession

economic instabilityAs oil reached at $139.54 per barrel two weeks before has impacted greatly on the U.S economic structure. Today, million of the United States civilians are deadly worried while seeing at the hovering oil and gasoline prices rates.

The economic is going on under the recessionary and inflationary cycle which is being carried on since the oil and gasoline prices have been raised in the U.S. The majority of the people in the United States are agitating so much against the policies of the President Bush regime, while Bush says no matter, because the U.S is the solo and dominant country in the world, ruling upon all over the world.

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Asian economic market is also declining these days due to high oil prices in the U.S and all over the Euro around. These effected countries are India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc moving along with economic-recession.

Meanwhile, we remind to economic-recession of late 1930 in the U.S which devastated almost the entire economy of the world. Same is the case with today’s economy. People have been so much depressed that they don’t have enough economic power to buy on various and different sorts of commodities i.e, wheat, rice, pulses, vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, etc.

The circulation of supply and demand are shattered so much that manufacturers have stopped the supply of their productions, while the demands of the people is getting lesser and lesser day by day, hence prevailing as the inflationary phase.

The inflation is spreading so much in the world that the jobs opportunities in the United States have been cut-off. Several of the employees in the U.S companies are now jobless and they are helpless to do better for their future.

The culture of begging is increasing so much in the regions of Asia due to high inflationary/recessionary cycle. You could see numerous amounts of beggars while walking alongside the roads. Before this, the begging trend was quite low.

High oil prices became the huge worry not only for the people of the U.S but also Asian. The regimes of the entire world are worried while seeing at harmful impacts of the inflation. Therefore, it’s time for all of us to think serious and positively in decreasing the high inflationary rates.

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Dominant Economic Recession
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