U.S Job cut: Shattering Economy

WASHINGTON: About 62,000 American civilians lost their jobs due to worsening economic and business situations all over the Unites States which led them into absolute worry and embarrassment.

The employers are just sitting free and doing nothing regarding their future perspectives as there is a big economic-recession in the U.S leading millions of people jobless in every sphere of life like business, industry, trade, commerce, banking, architecture, accounts, insurance, coupons, retail business, wholesale, airlines, education and many other departments of the U.S.

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People indulged in depression, trauma and enormous tensions and they couldn’t do anything especially regarding their lives and they were just seeing at rapid-changing-patterns of the American economy.

The protestation and agitation against the highly increased oil and gasoline prices are getting increased day by day in the United States of America as million of Americans left their daily working and quit from jobs and slogan against the Bush regime.

The business analysts noted an inclusive point about the changing patterns of World’s economy, “ We are living in the era of change and this change always proofs to be worst and destructive to an certain extent and at end it get equilibrated, but what about this $145 per barrel in the U.S, isn’t a big change! Certainly it is the major change ever in the economic history which does seem never ending. Need to think about it”.

High oil and gasoline prices shifted gears of world’s economy within seconds seeing that inflationary cycle prevailed in the Asian regions like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. and many of trades of these countries were looking completely shattered.

In the same time, the economists stated, “It is the time of world economic-recession or might be economic-depression, because everything is getting highly costly and difficult to come by”. Added on, “The U.S is the main country from which economic-recession is going emerge all other regions of the world.”

This story shows that Job-cut, unemployment and poverty are increasingly emerged into a big cycle known “Economic-Recession and Economic-Depression” and it’s merely due to inflation, deflation, stagflation and all-encompassing economic declines.

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