Ubuntu Linux is aiming for a larger role in Enterprise

A new version of Ubuntu Server named as version 8.04 is being planned for free downloads’ availability even with more project traits than the prior releases.
Ubuntu Server 8.04 will be sustained for five years, only the second version of Ubuntu to be guaranteed Long Term hold, with the prior 6.06 version also receiving the LTS description.Ubuntu follows its own identification convention on releases, using the year followed by the month to come up with 6.06, released in June 2006, or 8.04 released in April 2008.

Astonishingly, this version of Ubuntu also shows precertified to work with x86 servers from Sun Microsystems, the first server maker to affirm Ubuntu on its hardware. They contain the Sun Fire X2100 M2, X2200 M2, and the Sun Fire X4150.

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“The release of 8.04 is targeted at the enterprise,” stated Barton George, group manager of free and open source software at Sun.So the company determined to include it to the same certification procedure Sun uses with enterprise distributions Red Hat and Suse.

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Version 8.04 has been scrutinized for steadiness issues and tested to make it more dependable, said Mark Shuttleworth, the London-based CEO of Canonical, distributor of Ubuntu.”We decide to bring out a new LTS version every two years.We expect we can create a rhythm with these releases,” he said during a talk.

The Sun‘s official recognition covers its one-, two-, and four-way x86-based server versionsl. Ubuntu hasn’t spent to enhance the effectiveness of its system for server procedure beyond the four-way models, Shuttleworth expalined. Similarly, they are talking to Dell, HP, and IBM about getting them to propose certification that Ubuntu is prepared to run out of the box on their x86-based hardware.

Ubuntu 8.04 has key Windows mixing features.Through a go-between product Likewise Software, Likewise Enterprise, Ubuntu 8.04 can use services from Microsoft’s Active Directory user classification system.

It is spread with the released JDK or Java Development Kit, which means Ubuntu for the first comes with a Java virtual machine and can run Java applications loaded onto it.

The Ubuntu Server kernel has been toughened against interlopers and the 8.04 allocation will include Novell’s AppArmour open supply policy setting and enforcement software, Shuttleworth also added.

Further, the distribution comprises the open source Alfresco content management application, Bacula network backup, Parallels virtualization, Qumranet desktop virtualization based on KVM, Tresys security, Zend Technology’s PHP, and Zimbra online e-mail and requests.

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