Throbbing Inflationary Trend Could Turn Into a Famine

Last week, the oil prices reached above than $139 that led millions of the American towards anger, agitation and slogans against the regime of the U.S. In this regard, the president Bush announced that high oil price is the concerning issue but not tough to combat with high oil prices and inflation.

The United States is suffering from inflation for the first time. It has already suffered from a huge loss during the recession era of 1930s where high crude oil prices demolished not only the U.S but also the entire world.

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Today, millions of people are heavily suffering from societal, economical and cultural depressions and it is occurring due to widespread inflationary trend all around the world. The majority of the people are involved in hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, depression and manic disorders due to high commodity prices and events of natural disasters and famines.

Meanwhile, the economists are saying that the U.S economy is under severe threat of 1930s recession, because the circumstances are turning towards a huge inflationary cycle throughout the United States.

The stocks of the U.S are trimming down. These inventories decreased by 4.6 million barrels to 303.2 million barrels last week. Now, the fourth week decline is started. These figures are shown by the Energy Department. Meanwhile, the analysts have predicted a mammoth decline in the U.S economy of about 1 million barrels.

The economists said that oil prices might switch up to $200 in the next 18 months in the world which could absolutely devastate the entire economy of the world. A lot of people could face an extreme whistle of famine and die of because of predicted starvation in the coming few years.

The election campaigns are almost over in the United States and the people are waiting for the next president of the U.S. It is projected that Obama is nearly reached to become the next president of the United States. The main questions are putting that how will the next regime of the country carry on the tasks especially combating with prevailing and agonizing inflation.

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