Promote Your Business – The Inexpensive Way

Business promotion is as important as running a successful business itself. You need to hit the right chords at the right time, might not sound as interesting an activity but you still have to do it. Every business person should spend a considerate amount of time on planning how to promote your business and on business promotion as well.

The principal axiom of business promotion lies in doing it consciously. No one can promote your business or your product as effectively as the owner itself. The second most important axiom would be monitoring the budget. Business promotion doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to succumb to expensive ways, there are several inexpensive ways to do so, however these will cost you time if not the money.

Strategic Business

Use all stationary for business promotion

Other than the business cards, there are scores of other documents that contain a bunchbusiness-stationary.gif of business promotion possibilities.

To begin with, all the business stationary such as letters, faxes, envelopes, calendars, logos, bills, receipts could be used for promoting your business. A majority of business owners stick to penning down only their name and the business address on the above mentioned pieces of stationary. You need something more to it, something like a slogan or a logo or just a mere quote that will attract the attention. You are already sending it out of your office; why not use it as a promoting tool?

Incorporating the business URL would be a great idea as well. All the faxes, bills, receipts as well as the payments should include the complete business signature as well as some promotional tagline. It would be an amazing marketing idea to include your promotional activities on the electronic documents. You can also update it easily with your business credentials or letting people know if your company happened to win an award. Sending out articles and press releases relevant to your business is another inexpensive way to promote your business inexpensively.

Online tools for business promotion

With the advent of technology, loads of people are turning towards internet as their source of information. Forums, blogs, message boards are a great way to let people know about your business and the work you do. This doesn’t mean that you keep bragging about your business on every single source on the internet. You can communicate with others as a knowledgeable individual and promote your business through a signature file.


Advertising on the right places makes a lot of difference when it comes to online marketing. Identify the exact niche of your business and select forums that match the closest to your own niche. Send out posts in forums that are related to your business directly or indirectly. This not only attracts a larger target audience but also brings an increased number of authentic buyers.

Lastly, also check the level of activity in all the forums that you choose to post in. It wouldn’t make sense to write in those forums or blogs that doesn’t have a lot of active users.

Promote your business while having “fun”

Every individual does something for fun and this applies to all the business owners as well. No matter what leisure activity you choose, it is an excellent way to promote your business. Singing, dancing, shopping or even extreme sports activities such as rock climbing could be considered ways to promote your business.

All you need to do is wear a t-shirt that has the name of your business displayed in Another way to attract attention would be to carry your business cards with you wherever you go and to attach your business cards with all the receipts and cheques. In the end you’ll be surprised the way word-of-mouth marketing works.

In case if your leisure activity includes a group, then you may possibly ask the group to include your business information on their out going paper or at least give out your business cards.

There are innumerable ways that give you an opportunity to promote your business. This is a great way to let people know what you do and how would it benefit them. It certainly doesn’t mean that you talk only about your business activities. All business talks should be incorporated in normal conversations. These are just a few ways to attract buyers without spending for it. With a few experiments, you would be able to find what works the best for your business and get the word out appropriately.

Promote Your Business – The Inexpensive Way
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