New gas-electric hybrid will be introduced next year by Honda

Honda has announced to sell new, better and reasonably priced gas-electric hybrid in the European, American and Japanese markets during 2009.It was announced by the company’s president on Wednesday who was highlighting some aspects of Honda’s commitment to green technology.

This new model will not be sold as a usual gasoline-powered car, contrarily, it will be sold exclusively as a hybrid, said Takeo Fukui, President of Honda Motor Co. He also briefed about the outlines of company’s strategies for the coming times.

Strategic Business

Besides this new hybrid, Honda will also launch many other hybrids like a Civic, CR-Z and fit subcompact based sporty model that will also be sold in Europe as Jazz.
Fukui declined to tell about the price for the new hybrid that would be sold as an exclusive hybrid.


However, he stated that 200,000Yen should have been the difference between hybrids and other available comparable models, this price gap could reach as much as 500,000yen according to current situations.But according to FuKui the 200,000 yen difference is essential.

The name of this new hybrid has not been disclosed yet. But as stated by the company, it will be a sedan seating with five doors and it will also feature new technology that can very handy to reduce the bulk and load of the hybrid system to enhance fuel effectiveness.
Honda which is Japan’s second largest automaker has already developed some hybrids before but it failed to keep up with Japanese competitor Toyota Motor Corp.

The gas-and-electric version of Honda’s Accord sedan was discontinued in last year as its only 25000 units had been sold when it was put on sale in 2004.

Honda is one of the biggest automakers in the world and its different automotive especially motorcycles are very popular in the developing economies like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam.

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