Mobile Broadband revenue expected to increase

According to The GSM Association the no of mobile broadband users is expected to increase in the year of 2008 in the Latin America thus leading mobile broadband revenue towards a higher edge over the fixed broadband.

According to a current survey, adoption of mobile broadband than that of fixed one will significantly increase in this year thus the no of mobile broadband users would be at a considerably higher rate of the world population in 2012.

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The advantage of use of mobile broadband over fixed one should be to cut off the regional discrimination that may be due to the geographical reasons or higher cost according to Clovis Baptista.

“Latin America and the Caribbean have a tremendous social gap. We need to find technological solutions to connect remote regions at accessible prices for users. We need to guarantee universal accessibility to telecommunications services,” said Inter American Telecommunications Commission executive secretary Clovis Baptista.

For the mobile broadband to become fully active and efficiently adopted there is a need of availability of latest devices in all regions according to the current needs and its awareness through regulatory agents is of utmost importance and at the same time the consumers must be provided with multiple mobile broadband services.

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