LG Poking Fun at Hottest Black Brand Cellular Phone in Front of instigation

LGLG’s Announcement

In San Francisco, it is published in the Tuesday news that the LG has been making a full joke to the world community about its next inventive mobile phone, which would be pretty handful device to the family users.It would be marked up in a black tag telephone.

Privacy as Important

Strategic Business

The innovators and think tanks of the LG group of industries have now decided that they would not mention the title name of this coming cellur phone version so as to keep the privacy of the company before the bringing of the black label mobile phone in the market economy.But the analyst of the LG promised it would be much more emphatic than its last brown and burnish phone which were launched during the period of 2006 and 2007.


Advertisement & Recognition

However the LG has planned up the advertisement on the coming technology.The curators have said that they need a sort of handful advertisement for the cellur phone so as to make it attractive before the local and international community before its show down.So it’s important to have a kind of sensations among the market competitive system and public. Otherwise there would not be any lucrative for the company.

First Official Action

The very first official announcement of this LG mobile phone would be done just in the coming 24th April, 2008, where the name of the product and its all kinds of necessities would be expressed by the business executive in the London Hall.It is yet to decide that what would be the venue of this great publishing in London. Amazingly we have to say that it would be the third cellular phone invention of the LG group of industries.

Features of Cellular Phone

Some sorts of connotations have been demonstrated by the LG spokesmen that this cellular phone model would be emphatic in its slinkiness, weight, shining, whereas the expression along with superior element of the phone would be covered up in an artificial hide synthetic.The underneath surface of the mobile phone would be shiny.All in all there would be 3 shortcut buttons would be hanging upon a calling and cancelling button. The megapixel camera would be the main inclusion of this cellular phone.

Europe as First

The LG business executives have declared that this cellular phone would be launched in the Europe firstly, and then it would be launched in the all other parts of the global market system.

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