High Oil Prices, Stockpile and High Inflationary Trend

oil pricesThe analysts gave the prediction that oil prices might cruise of about $200 per barrel within next 18 months. This led towards a major worry to the people of the U.S.

As the oil prices reached at $139.54 during the last two weeks in the United States, the agitation and angriness of the people could observed by seeing their faces and mouth of callings upon the regime of the United States to keep control on the high oil price and mounting inflationary rates of any of the commodities for the human survival.

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The impact of economic recession is not only moving on in the United States and European countries but also in the Asian regions. The most effected and inflationary countries of the Asia these days are India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, etc.

The circle of demand and supply is absolutely disturbed due to high oil & gasoline prices. People are not moreover preferring to buy the routinely commodities but purchasing a little amount of commodities for their survival as it is clearly showing the purchasing power of the people has been shattered.

The manufactures and suppliers of different commodities in the world are going down in their daily product selling and facing a huge amount of business and trade loss.

Similarly, the stock and exchange companies everywhere in the globe are demolishing day by day due to uncertain economic conditions, bomb blasting, terrorism, calamities and a lot of other sudden and destructive incidents.

The stock rates of all the major companies of the United States are decreased such as Wall Street decline in shares, American International Group Inc, American express Co, Bank of America Corp, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, etc. These companies have been facing an extreme economic recession led them in a big worry.

There are some overseas companies which are facing the inflationary cycle and declining stock rates such as Japan’s Nikkei stock average decreased up to 0.04 percent, while Britain’s FTSE 100 went down up to 1.16 percent, Germanys’ DAX index peaked at 0.98 percent, and France’s CAC-40 increased up to 0.61 percent.

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