Good Manners are Good Business!

good-manners.gifEtiquette and communication has become the watch words in business. Good manners and the correct etiquette go a long way in this age of globalization. They have become the fundamental aspect of the business world. Good manners include behavior, grooming and attitude. The customer has become all so powerful in this era and it has brought social manners into the forefront for their satisfaction. The employees are judged from the moment they meet you and as the saying goes ‘First impression is the last impression’. Thus being well groomed and dressed to perfection with impeccable manners would take you on the path of customer satisfaction and success in business.

Communication is of great importance. Words should be chosen carefully and delivered with poise. It is better to keep it precise, crisp and clear. Misunderstandings can be avoided if the customer is able to understand everything told to him. Communication is an art that has to be practiced to perfect it. Intelligent and mature communication can bring success to your heel. Understanding the needs of the customer and trying to feel what he does can help in communicating effectively. The customer’s perspective can then be given ample importance and they would be satisfied with the services provided.

Strategic Business

Appearing a bit casual and enquiring about the family members of the customer can sometimes make him happy. This shows the interest the company has in the customer. It should be remembered that all the customers might not appreciate this. Dealing with a customer once or twice would give you an idea about him and behavior and treatment of the customer should be according to this analysis. The first and foremost thing to do when you sight a customer is to make eye contact, smile and proceed towards him. This response shows positive ness. Listen to them carefully and once the deal is through thank them (using their name) for doing business with you.

When a customer approaches you with a complaint give him your complete attention. Assure the customer that everything in your power would be done to address his complaint. Do not forget to thank them for bringing the complaint to your notice so that it can be rectified. Sometimes the customers can be loud and rude. Take them to a private office and calm them down, offer refreshments and apologize for the inconvenience. Try to rectify the customer’s complaint at the earliest.

Work place is another area where good manners take the upper hand. A positive and cheerful atmosphere would make the employees happy and contended. Awards and recognition should not be scarce and the deserving should always be rewarded as soon as possible. This would boost their confidence and would improve the work quality. Being available for them to hear them out is the best possible thing that can be done. Regular inputs of the work done will act as a booster and can also warn the less deserving ones. This is like giving them a chance to take their work seriously. Offer suggestions for improvement and extend support to them.

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