Fear of coming tight supply, oil $120.93 at record high

oil prediction, supply concernsA weaker dollar and a hazard about supply caused oil futures increased to all time high as around $121 a barrel on Tuesday.

After the release of data on Monday that reported an unexpected enhancement in the U.S. service sector in April, the oil prices raised by the hopes that U.S. economy will revive after a quick but long downturn as some analyst suggested.

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On Tuesday in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange a rise of $120.93 a barrel was reported in light, sweet crude oil for the delivery of June.But it got down 9 cents on Monday’s end and reached at $119.88.

Crude stocks adjusted on Monday at $ 119.97 per barrel and got up $3.65 from Friday’s shut.
The further decrease of dollar against the euro on Monday enticed investors towards oil and other goods considered as a shelter against price hike.Similarly, a dropping dollar makes oil not costly to the investors outside.It was started during last year when U.S. Federal reserve rates began to cut in a series and that caused to weaken dollar against foreign currencies like euro and pond.

Events in the countries like Iraq, Iran and Nigeria have been causing prices to increase many times during the recent months and similarly latent threats and supply outages were observed in Iran, Nigeria and in Iraq during the previous week.

There were several events happened in Iraq like the warning of Kurdish insurgent to U.S that they will launch suicidal attacks on the U.S. interests in Iraq.The warning came after the sharing of U.S intelligence with Turkey as turkey attacked with bombs at insurgent bases in Iraq.While in Nigeria attackers smashed an oil refinery that was the part of Shell’s partnership in southern Nigeria and because of that attack some oil production had to shut down.Similarly, declaration of Iran’s supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that Iran will not bow in front of international pressure and would not give up its nuclear atomic program.

Energy sector investors are growing concern to this on the verge of conflict in oil rich Middle East countries.Many year long unrest and turmoil in Nigeria is the reason to cut about 25% of the great U.S. supplier’s oil production.

The demand of oil is on increase in the growing economies like India and China and this also a factor behind high prices of oil worldwide as demands of oil have increased manifold in these countries.

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