Economic Indicators Show Declining Economy

economic indicatorsHow can we define economic indicator?

An economic indicator is a model of statistics which highlights the overall economic growth of a country or a region. Economic indicators give the idea of current and futuristic predictions of the economic activity.

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What really an economic indicator shows?

An economic indicator exposes certain facts and figures before the public such as unemployment, poverty, gross domestic product, consumer price index, industrial production, bankruptcies, variations of money supply and prices of stock market etc.

Economic indicators as business cycle

Economic indicators are mostly calculated in a branch of macroeconomics called “business cycles”. The most important business cycle rendezvous agency in the United States is the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Latest news

News published on Monday that economic indicators predicted to slight increase of economy during the month of April, 2008. Top index of the U.S economic indicators has been launched by the NBER. Here, it is mentioned that economic activity rose up to 0.1% last month.

Droopy economic activity

The economists are saying that the economic activity has become sluggish. There are constant economic fluctuations in the prices of local and foreign markets. The imports and experts are affected due to sudden slump in the modern day economy. The economists have called it inflation.

Changing circumstances of modern-day world

The economic analysts are moreover saying that the economic growth is declined up to 1.2 % during the five months of 2008. This is being occurred due to inflation, deflation and stagflation. The economists are of the view that the circumstances of world are going to be changed.

Declining economic indicators in U.S

The U.S has been facing a huge slump due increase in the oil prices. The price of per barrel oil increased upto$128 which is showing the declining economy of the United States of America. Moreover, the economic indicators are showing a bitter reality that the overall inflation in world is caused by the U.S war against Iraq.

Depression and role of regime

The majority of the people in world have been depressed. They have caught up in inflation which is scrolling all around the world. The unemployment and poverty increased so much that it has a huge impact on the young generation. So what remains for economic growth? It is an important time for the regimes of world to do something better for the survival of human beings.

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