Airbag sensor problem: BMW voluntarily recalls 150,000 vehicles in North America

The world’s biggest premium carmaker announced on Thursday that it would voluntarily recall more than 150,000 vehicles in North America because of a possible defect in the front passenger airbag seat sensor mat.

According to a company spokesman, this voluntary recall is because of the front passenger airbag seat sensor mat defect in some 2004-2006 models.

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Almost 200,000 such vehicles were referred by the U.S. traffic safety regulators but the spokesman told that almost 50,000 of these vehicles had already received new mats that work properly.

“This problem definitely exists in the U.S and Canadian markets as these two countries required sensor to find if a baby or an adult was occupying the seat,” the spokesman further added.


2006 3-Series, 2004-06 5-Series and 2004-06 X3 vehicles are some models that have a defective mat.

It has also been announced that the company would start posting letters to customers by the end of next month and the owners of that affected vehicles can drive their vehicles if the airbag doesn’t warn with its on-off lamp. If situation occurs, the customers must not use the front passenger and service their vehicle immediately.

The spokesman further told that these sensor mats were purchased from the VDO automotive electronics business.

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