A new deal promises a hope against hope for the dying M&A market

NEW YORK (Reuters) Little change has been observed in stocks on Monday even after the largest deal of takeover in U.S. during this year the deal also helped to compensate the remarks by Warren Buffett that the decline in economic activity in the country would be even longer and deeper than it has been described by the many experts. Warren Buffett is also one of the supporters of that deal.

The deal between M&M candy maker Mars Inc and Wm Wrigley Jr. Co (WWY.N) which is the world’s biggest chewing gum manufacturer gave some life and hope to the dying M&A market in the country. Berkshire Hathaway owned by Buffett is going to sponsor the $23 billion purchase.

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The deal highlighted the view that stocks are rather inexpensive with assessments perched close to their lowest in almost twelve years.

While talking to CNBC television Buffet stated that the decline in economic activity in the U.S would be even longer and deeper that it has been described by many experts in the U.S and other part of the world.

According to the chairman of W.P Stewart Asset Management Jim Awad this deal would help a lot and every body is happy with the deal as it shows a silver lining to dying M&A market and all it became possible just because of Buffet and all credit goes to Buffet.The deal shows still there is enough credit available in it.

A decline of 2.8 percent to $28.99 has been observed in shares of Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) similarly after letting the deadline unnoticed from Microsoft ,Yahoo shares also declined to 1.4 percent $ 26.43.

While Google‘s shares, which is considered competitor of Microsoft as well as Yahoo reached at $552.12 with a gain of 1.5%.Thus Google proved a top supplier in the gain of NASDAQ.

Wrigly stock got the gain of 23.2 percent and to $76.91.Simialrly,a gain of 9.5% was observed in Ford stock as it reached to $8.21 while a 2.6 percent gain was observed in GM.N that reached $21.94 .

Investors became watchful prior to the meeting of Federal reserves in which interest-rate policy was to decide on Tuesday and Wednesday and it also caused to slow down the trading volume.

There was an exchange of total 1.21 billion shares in the New York stock Exchange and it was quite below previous year’s projected average of per day that was around 1.90 billion

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