1.5 percent rise in Japan inflation index

TOKOYO- According to Japanese Govt. officials, there was a rise of 1.5 percent in core inflation in Japan.

High food and gasoline prices were the basic cause behind rise core consumer price index. After a reinstatement of a gas tax by the government, the fuel price in the country began to jump.

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In May, overall CPI was noted up to 1.3 percent While according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Tokyo area there was an increase of 1.3 percent in CPI in June.

inflation in Japan

Some other economic indicators like employment and spending data was also released by the government on Friday.

There was no change in Japan’s unemployment rate as it stood 4.0 percent in June and found same in this month.

A smooth rise of 3.2 percent has been noted in Japanese household spending if compared to the previous year and retail sales rose 0.2 percent in the country than a year earlier, the government officials told.

During May Japan’s industrial production, on a seasonally adjusted basis, was 2.9 percent higher than the last month.

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Japan inflation index

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