‘UK is in profound economics crisis’, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledges

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Chancellor Alistair Darling admitted that the UK is passing through the worst economic crisis in sixty years and this economic downturn would be more profound and long-lasting than expected.

Darling also admitted that voters were not happy with Labour Party’s handling of the economic issues.

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George Osborne (Shadow chancellor) said: “after Darling’s confession, the cat is no more in the bag about the state of the economy.”

Darling acknowledged that the government had clearly failed to get across its message that it realized people’s concerns about increasing job insecurity and rising cost of living.

“Voters are pissing off the Labour’s handling of the economy and it is, indeed, a key issue at the next election, and ministers must communicate their intentions better. The coming 12 months will be quite difficult for the Labour party”.

When it was asked that why he had been so frank, he told: “I want to tell people in this country that like every other country in the world; we are also facing a unique set of economic circumstances.”

He further added, “There is a difference between the current and the past government as this current government is prepared to take action to help people and to help the economy getting through this difficult period.”

He said the tax rebates due at the end of next month and rescue package maintained for Northern Rock are some examples to prove support that offered by the government.

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