Sun’s dejected 3Q, Wall Street shocked

Sun Microsystems IncSun Microsystems Inc. doesn’t come up to the Wall Street’s expectation as Wall Street was expecting that Sun Microsystems Inc would prove a ray of hope for the U.S. economic recession but alas! It didn’t.

The 3Q loss of Sun Microsystems Inc (SERVER AND SOFT MAKER BASED AT SANTA CLARA) was shocking for everyone.In a report on Thursday it was stated that flabby sales of some consumer-oriented companies that were delaying expensive investments for the better times were a basic a reason behind third quarter loss.

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The open trade on Friday was harsh enough for Sun as its share fell almost 19% that was $3.15 to $13.18.The company also predicted even for the dreary proceedings and showed some plans to remove almost 1,500 to 2,500 jobs to recover from sudden loss.

On Thursday at the closing of the market Sun announced that it lost 4 cents/share that was almost $ 34 million in that quarter ended on 30th of March. If compared to previous year for the same quarter it was down from a profit of $67 million.

Sun also got a $52 million duty stroked in a 3 Q if compared to a duty benefit of $3 million in the similar period during the previous year.Thomson Financial analysts had surveyed and predicted an 18 cents gain per share of Sun.

The sales of just $3.27 billion by Sun were also below the expectations of the experts. According to Wall Street’s predictions there was a miss of almost $100 million as Wall Street was predicting it around $3.38million.

In an interview Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz explained that they noticed some weakness during the 3rd Q that generated from small enterprises in the U.S. slow trend in spending.
Sun was a go-getter in dot-com prime and also endured a humiliating fall after the dot-com render down in which the corporation amassed more than $5 billion in losses. Besides, that current quarter Sun reported five lucrative quarters.

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