Business Management in Scenario of Functionalism

Conceptual Framework of Business Management

Since the evolution of this world, Trade, business, Commerce, Export, Import, retailing, gambling, buying and selling had been the leading entrepreneurs in all the development of the planet. Same as the management has become a big question mark before us. Many scientists like economists, sociologists, public administration experts, public policy analysts, business analysts, human resource developmental experts, philosophers, astrologists, political panels and religious practioners have defined the business management in their own observation. Where the majority of them characteristically elucidate the business management as the symbolic value of planning, organization, leadership, control, capital, financial, machinery and technologicalism, human being assets as well as the nature’s resources.

Product Demand and Supply for Maximum Profits

Every business owner should have knowledge of economics and the law of demand and supply, no matter how rudimentary it may be.In the study of economics, the law of demand and supply states that when demand of a product or commodity increases and the supply stays the same, then prices are expected to go up.In the same manner, when the demand for the product or commodity decreases, its price in the market is normally presumed to go down.By studying market trends, evaluation of the demand of the target market, and even the prices of related products, an entrepreneur will be able to increase demand and maximize profits.

First of all as a businessman, you need to analyze the current demand of your product. The demand and supply relation can be determined by doing an analysis of the trend in the market.Once you have outlined the demand patterns of your customers, you can then set about controlling the supply of your product.Taking into consideration the shelf life and expiration date of your product from the date of manufacture, you need to be able to manage the number of your product supply to ensure that this is just enough for the available demand. When your product supply exceeds too much the market’s demand and the products end up in spoilage, then this means decreased profits.

Good PR–An Essential Function of a Modern Organization

Good PR has lots of importance for a company or organization to get public attention and boost their services and products in some targeted markets, as it’s a PR media or agency helps these businesses to bolster by getting positive exposure in their target markets. In short, these PR agencies work to make your company popular among the masses. A large number of offline as well as online PR agencies working these days that can be very helpful for some company to promote its product or services.

Interdependency of concepts of Economics and Business

Normally, it is considered that business administration and the economic theories are of different concerns but it is wrong perception.For a successful business administrator not only the business laws but the concept of economics especially the managerial economics also matteres.

Whether the decision is about production and distribution, sale and purchase, goods and services, costs and prices,or profits and loses the owner must have the knowledge of basic economic theories.

For a profitable business not only the knowledge of economic theories is important but the manager must also be aware of the applicability of the theories to the real life. Basic managerial concepts are the managing tools in the business world.

Dominant Economic Recession

economic instabilityAs oil reached at $139.54 per barrel two weeks before has impacted greatly on the U.S economic structure. Today, million of the United States civilians are deadly worried while seeing at the hovering oil and gasoline prices rates.

The economic is going on under the recessionary and inflationary cycle which is being carried on since the oil and gasoline prices have been raised in the U.S. The majority of the people in the United States are agitating so much against the policies of the President Bush regime, while Bush says no matter, because the U.S is the solo and dominant country in the world, ruling upon all over the world.

Asian economic market is also declining these days due to high oil prices in the U.S and all over the Euro around. These effected countries are India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc moving along with economic-recession.

Possibilities of manipulation in Oil trading

manipulation in Oil tradingMay be revealed by the investigation

NEW YORK (—some believe that rising oil prices are due to nothing but widespread speculation, on Thursday, the U.S. government declared about an extensive investigation regarding oil price manipulation. The government also announced that it would get further information for investors’ effect on the market.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) pledged to take these measures after having enormous pressure from heated lawmakers. The measures will do two things.
At first more information from non-commercials users of oil and index funds will be gathered. Information, regarding oil trade outside the U.S. on exchange as Intercontinental Exchange Europe (ICE) where Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has no supervision and doesn’t have detailed information, will be gathered.

Secondly, it will be CFTC’s strategy to carry out an actual investigation regarding possible price manipulation that is possible from a commercial user of oil like production company storage or shipping company.

How High Oil Prices Causing World’s Economy

oil pricesEconomists confirmed that there are several factors of high oil prices all around the world. In this regard they are of the view that one of the major factors of high oil prices is inflation all around the global markets. The economists have argued that inflation is the result of over all slumps in the world trade markets.

Oil prices have been increasing at an alarming way now a days. The prices of petrol have been increased up to $135.09 per barrel. In this regard, the Wall Street has confirmed that the heavy crude oil and gasoline prices have affected the demands and supply of the consumers and investors and they are suffering badly from fulfilling their demands. Therefore, high oil prices have increased the over all prices of all other kinds of consumer commodities such as wheat, rice, oil, vegetables, meat etc.

Futuristic Symbols of Time and Management

skill of time managementAbstract

Today, it is the period of business and communication.The world has become the global village, which has interconnected all the countries with each other.The business tycoons have gained their successes by having the command on time and management.It is the famous quotation that time is gone, but the lucrative of those; who had the proper use of time; with great skills and management.That is the time and management model.Today we will discuss some important features of the time and management.

Decision making

It is the core of time and management in the business communication.The roles of entrepreneurs come into front during the course of decision making.It is the think tank of a business that decides the futuristic scenario of the business.The right time policies, business logos, advertisement, payroll and implementations are the core values of decision making.

Skills as time and management

This is the most important part of the business and communication.The skills are the multi tasking expressions of communications, writing, reporting, designing, dealing, dialogue etc.These are absolutely interconnected with the symbol of time and management.Those entrepreneurs, who don’t have the skill of such features, they cannot be excelled into the futuristic world of business and communication.That is the skill which defines the time and management at end.

Business cycles,causes and effects

Business cycles of an economy refers to the fluctuations in outputs and employment level of that economy.Almost all economists agree upon the fact that output remain at natural rate in the long run whereas there exists fluctuations in the short run that are not predictable.These random and irregular fluctuations in output from its natural rate are termed as business cycles.Business cycles are followed by contractions and expansions in economic activity and measured by changes in real GDP.

There exist a lot of questions regarding business cycles and thus different school of thoughts.The economists disagree upon that is why output deviate in the short run not in the long run, why the same resources yield different outputs, how some economies have more while others have less fluctuations in output and what factors work behind the booms and recessions.

There are many theories to explain the causes of business cycles the prominent of which are disequilibrium models(Keynesian) and equilibrium models(Monetarist), these models explain business cycles emphasizing on the factor demand for labor that there is lack of demand for workers and consider it the cause by stating that labor market do not clear in the short run and adjustments take time because wages and prices are sticky.If output goes down it is due to that market fails to clear pushing the economy into recession.

An important explanation of business cycles is by Real Business Cycle Theory based on the classical assumptions.

business cycles

Oil price fluctuations becomes the major concern of US

It is just a few times published in the associated press that the oil prices are in the absolute fluctuations in the United States market system.Every day the rates of the oil and gas prices are climbing up the sky.At Tuesday the oil rate was the $ 120 per barrel.It was counted as the slow price variation.This was the lowest price value in last weekend in United States of America.

The demand as well as the supply factor of oil preferences’ has been constantly unstable in the United States.The economic analysts are saying that this fluctuating trend is the danger sign for the United States, because, it would lead the US economy in the phase of recession.It could be the recession of the likely historic period of 1929, when the United States faced the cycle of recession due to heavy increase in the gasoline and oil prices.

Moreover the economic interpreters are constantly saying that the Asian countries are under the phase of business recession.Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Maldeep etc are facing the inflation in all over the public and business markets.The inflation rate is going absolutely high because of poor economic policies.

oil and gas

Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2007

Major causes of recession

RecessionConcept of recession

A recession is meant by an economic decline.It is an activity, which is spread from corner to corner the economic condition of more than three months.The studies of macro economies show us that a recession is generated due to decline in Gross domestic product (GDP), Gross national product (GNP), inflation, deflation, stagflation and hyperinflation. The economists declare these conditions as the economic collapse.

Model of depression

But the depression is known as the most devastating economical condition in the region.It is remembered as the great slump in the world marketing system.During the depression phase, all the economic activities around the world are turned into absolute downward slope.In the historical perspective, the United States is firstly come into mind about the great depression during the period of 1929.At that time all the US stock market was dramatically destroyed due to countless inflation, deflation, hyper inflation and stagflation as well as many other factors.

Causes of recession

Demand and supple factor

A recession can take place in the national cultural system because of the excessive supply and demand of things.It is occurred at time, when the industrial production is made on a huge level by employing the labor and machine.But the demands of the consumers do not come up according to the supply conditions.Therefore the excessive supply factor would be reduced and slump.

How revenue differes in different market structures

In business studies,the concept of market structures is much more relevant to the revenue.As the business enterprises aims to have maximum revenues they have to has the complete knowledge of the market in which they are running their organizations.

Market structure differes on the basis of the no of the firms or organizations operating in the market and their corresponding competition and also the kind of product they are producing, the no or kind of buyers of the product, on the degree of flow of informations and also on the extent of mobility of entry and exit.

Basically there are four types of market structures:

  • Perfect competition
  • Imperfect competition
  • Oligopoly
  • Monopoly
  • market stuctures

The Simple Ways in Improving Investment Profitability

Increasing investment profitability is one technique that an investor can make to enhance the appeal or the productivity of a specific type of investment.Investments can range from business administration to real estate, and economics to finance.Whenever you purchase something for the purpose of acquiring some sort of future benefit from it, you are already making an investment.Depositing an amount in the bank, putting your money as capital for a business, and purchasing shares of a corporation are all kinds of investments that individuals can make.Nevertheless there are easy ways that you can make your investments more profitable in the long run.investment profit

If you choose to invest your money in the bank either by opening a savings or time deposit, there are some things that you can do to augment your investment profitability. First of all you can perform some research in advance before choosing a banking institution where you will deposit your money.Some banks offer higher interest rates for deposits than others.By choosing the financial institution that will keep your invested money carefully, you will be assured of better returns and higher interest rates for your deposited amount.

Solar Panels Will Help Us Enjoy Our Golden Years

I am not a young person any more. I retired three years ago, and my husband retired five years ago. These are supposed to be our golden years, the years when we get to travel, see our grandchildren and see the world. We always dreamed of traveling the United States after our retirement, maybe even taking a cruise or going to Europe. Unfortunately, with our finances the way they are right now, I am not sure that those plans are ever going to come to fruition. The way things are going with our economy, we will be lucky if we have an estate left to leave our legacy to our family when we are gone.

We would not be in such bad shape if our bills were not so high. The electric bill is the one that really gets me. We pay nearly a thousand dollars a month for power. Our home is not that large. How can it possibly cost that much to power the appliances we use? We are not exactly a high tech household. My husband has spoken to the power company and the meter man, and no one seems to have answers. We have even switched power companies to try and save money, but the savings were so minimal that it hardly seemed worth the hassle.

Why Residential Solar Is a Very Real Possibility

Solar panels are a prominent topic of interest among homeowners who are interested in saving money, making the planet a better place, and making their home more self-sufficient.  Few would argue that using the power of the sun to power a home is an exciting possibility, but what many don’t realize is that they can actually make the switch themselves.  Today, Verengo Solar has made it possible for NY, NJ, and CA residents to turn their home into a greener and more financially viable place.

The most common reason why homeowners don’t look further into solar panels is because they assume that the cost will not fit into their budget.  Even though they know that the solar panels will pay for themselves many times over, most people just don’t have large amounts of money that they can just spend on expensive solar equipment, regardless of how promising the results. 

Affordable Ways to Go Green

Today, more than yesterday, and more than ever before, it is so important to start a global switch over to green technologies.  The world’s population is growing exponentially and resources are being depleted at an incredibly rapid rate.  Resources like fossil fuels are being used up and because they are finite, they cannot be depended on for much longer.  In addition, the use of these resources is directly contributing to many environmental concerns facing the planet today.

In order to stop the global temperature shifts that have been consistently monitored since the early 1900s, it is imperative that all citizens of this planet start doing whatever they can to reduce their carbon footprint.  Most people have heard the term “going green”, but many are not sure what they can do.  Here are some basic ways that anyone can help to make the Earth a much safer place. This is one of the most major changes that needs to happen immediately.  Relying on fossil fuels simply will not cut it anymore.  When coal and oil are burned, they release carbon dioxide and other noxious greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming, among other issues.  Thankfully, these days there are better solutions, with one of the most effective being solar power.

Solar Power Southern California Gives You Choice

Having a choice in whatever matter is at hand makes us feel like we have control over our own lives. When we can choose the place that we work, for example, we feel like we are building our career in a way that is true and meaningful for us. In a similar way, when we have the choice to live where we are most at home and most productive, we feel like our life is going according to plan. On the other hand, when sometimes it seems like these very basic choices are out of our hands, we can get frustrated, sometimes even a little angry or sad. We know how we would like our life to proceed, but at times it just feels like these choices are out of reach. We keep working toward having these freedoms to choose, of course, and with a hard work we will get to where we want to go, but in the meantime it can sometimes seem like a drag.

What You Must Know About Shopping for Solar Panels

The year 2012 saw some of the highest sales in solar panels of all time, and there is no reason to think that 2013, 2014, and future years will be any different. There will undoubtedly be more and more solar energy companies sprouting up and trying to get a piece of the business, and you should fully expect a flurry of activity and a flood of information about solar power. Selecting the right solar energy system company requires a certain level of research to ensure you find a reputable solar energy systems company in your area.

For consumers in the New Jersey, New York, and California areas, they need to look no further than New Jersey solar panels from Verengo. For others, the consumer should search for companies in their area with reputation in the industry as professional, respectable, and good at what they do. The consumer should be able to go into the transaction knowing they are getting a high quality system installed by professionals. Listed below are some of the things a consumer should know and consider when shopping for their solar energy system and solar panel installation.

Take Proper Care of Your Middlesex Residential Solar Panels

When you make the decision to have solar panels in your home, you are making an investment. Having quality Middlesex residential solar panels in your New Jersey home is going to help you save money on the cost of your energy bill, and it can help improve the value of your home. The benefits of these panels are many, and you can enjoy those savings for many years to come. However, you have to make sure that you are taking good care of your panels so that they will last a long time. Even when you have warranties on your panels, you do not want to neglect them. Keep them in good condition so that you never have to worry.

Caring for Solar Panels
Is it difficult to take care of your solar panels? It really isn’t and most of them do not require much in the way of maintenance at all. Looking at the panels and making sure that there is no damage, and no debris gathering near them is often enough. However, with your Middlesex residential solar panels, you have to consider the effects of inclement weather, such as snow, that you will not find in other areas of the country.

Determinants of Business Efficiency(Business Intelligence)

Defining business intelligence (BI)

The term business intelligence (BI) refers to skills, technologies, applications, practicing for the compilation, assimilation, analysis, management and presentation of business information also at times to the information itself. The solitary objective of the business intelligent is to enhance better business decision making.

Business Intelligence

D.J Power concept for business intelligence

  • The concept of business intelligence emerged during the period of 1958 when D.J Power gave the concept of “Decision Support System”. According to D.J Power, BI is the concept and technique in order to enhance and promote the business decision making by implementing the “Fact-Based-Support-System”. BI is occasionally used compatibly with brief books, report, query, paraphernalia and executive information systems. Business Intelligent systems are called the data driven systems (DSS).

Sentimental Features of Marketing Plan

What is marketing plan

Marketing plan is the word which deals with business communication and skills.It is the compound of advertisement, promotion, buying and selling.Marketing is done with complete plan, time management and intelligence.It needs certain skills and techniques to deal with important business matters.The business policy makers have designed some crucial marketing plans.That is discussed as under.

Sentimental features of marketing plan

Ability to grab the things

The first and foremost thing in the marketing plan is the ability to grab.That is the continuous endeavor.Marketer can do this task with the kind of precision and good communication.It deals with the beauty of your lounge.That is the real estate of the marketer.

Time management plays as lucrative

Marketing plan is the compound of short term and long term projects.It deals often with short term marketing.That is the charm of actual marketing.In this activity, you need to spend almost 30 days.That is done with charismatic deliberation.It is the lasting stuff in the short term project marketing.So the plan is covered up with the accurate decision making as well as the planning.

Successful Time Management Skills

Time Management is one of the most imperative and controlling tools that a victorious man carries for eternity. Effectual time management entails endurance and realistic assessment. It’s in actuality complicated to deal with time. However once you master the clandestine it will be much simpler. Time management is in fact all about managing your activities.

Honestly, time management is not something new. It has been existent since ancient times. Time cannot be managed automatically; it needs to be self managed.



We all would like to keep up the process of time management so that it allows us to execute supplementary actions in the day. It is extremely important to understand the severity of things. People are simply caught up in doing things one after another without actually taking time to consider the relevance of things. At the same time where everything needs to be done, you just need to assess every single task before you actually get started on it. This doesn’t mean that you spend most of the time prioritising things, it would be beneficial if you could set your priorities in one go.

Leadership Plan to Succeeding Business

Charisma and personality

While dealing in a business plan, both charisma as well as personality plays a vital role in achieving the business tasks without any of the hurdles or difficulty as both of them are contained with full of knowledge, planning, information, management, presentation and comprehensive implications of the routinely tasks to be fulfilled in no span of time.


In order to meeting your desired business goals and objectives, you will have to introduce and improve the quality of assurance called as efficacy. This means the desired and acquired goals must be contained with fundamental quality of efficacy that can be achieved through learning various entrepreneurial stuffs such as timely investment, production, consumption, buying, selling, mechanism, staff-training, deep contemplation, self-audacity, remunerate, punctuality, and constant business dealings and negotiations, etc.


Does Bank interest rate affect investment in Business?

The term investment implies different meanings in business management, economics and finance but all are closely related to each other.While the bank interest rate to the consumers is defined as the current rate of return given on the savings.

Investment decision plays key role in purchasing assets for business enterprises as they tend to maximize the profits. So in business management, they have to evaluate the net benefit of making further investment and also the factors on which investment depends, the most important of which is bank interest interest rate

According to the Macroeconomics concept the interest rate given by banks and investment are inversely related to each other. If banks increases the interest rates the people draw money out from the business and put it in the banks as they get high return from there thus high reward from the banks.

The business owners who made investments in their business by borrowing from the banks cut down their investment if the bank interest rate increases as they have to pay high costs of making investment which reduces their profitability.